Duties Of A Migration Agent

When you are experiencing immigration problems in Australia and you need help, it is important that you consult a registered Migration Agent. In Australia, it is illegal to give immigration guidance if you are not registered. The Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) has all authorised agents. Consulting a legal Migration Agent ensures appropriateness in expertise to offer suitable visa options. Here is a quick outline of the duties and responsibilities of Migration Agents.

  1. Assessing clients—A Migration Agent assess clients to establish suitability of visa in order to guarantee for a visa grant. Australian legislation on visa grants is ever changing. This requires the expertise of the Migration Agents to determine, which visa grants are within the jurisdiction of the law and which ones are not. After the Migration Agents have determined which visa grants are within the jurisdiction, they then assess the clients' requirement to determine whether the visa can be granted or denied. This can be done by putting together all visa applications as required by Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).
  2. Advising clients—Migration Agents provide advice and guidance to clients on issues related to visa. They do this by offering significant directions to clients that can provide a pathway from obtaining temporary visa to a permanent one. In addition, Migration Agents advice clients to seek professional guidance in related areas of the visa application if it is required. Moreover, the Migration Agents also advise the clients in obtaining visa options that are eligible.
  3. Representation of clients to Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)—A Migration Agents usually advocate for clients to DIBP. They hear migration appeals on behalf of the clients. In occasions where further investigation of visa is being investigated by DIBP, Migration Agents engage in further works of negotiating with DIBP on behalf of the clients.
  4. Helping students in choosing the right course—Migration Agents help students in choosing the right course to study in Australia. With correct interventions on correct directions and advice on the course to choose, Migration Agents, in this case, help students with appropriate guidelines on obtaining permanent residency in Australia. For most part, foreign students who long for permanent residency in Australia can make their dream come to pass through consulting Migration Agents who offer appropriate guidelines on how to make it a reality. Help isl also offered in case any issues arise.

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