Four Reasons Why You Need to Be Careful When Choosing a Customs Broker

If you've got some important documents or goods to ship, even if your shipment may be simply domestic, you need to consult with experts so that everything goes smoothly and your shipment arrives on time with no issues. You may well need to talk to a customs broker and should be wondering how to choose. What do you need to consider when selecting a reliable and efficient broker?

Understanding the Laws

There are a multitude of different laws and regulations relating to customs, import and export, not just around the world but also within Australia. It can be very challenging for individual members of the public to keep on top of all these regulations, and this is why the best customs brokers will consistently and methodically keep up with any changes or new laws. This body of knowledge is probably the number-one asset of a great customs broker.

Dealing with Documentation

The broker will also be able to get hold of the right documentation for your particular shipping requirements. Like it or hate it, paperwork is an integral part of the process, and you need to ensure that all of the documents are correctly filled out, or else delays will ensue. Many border agents at the other end will play exactly by the book, and it's not unusual for shipments to be rejected and returned when the accompanying documentation was out of date or incorrectly completed.

Unravelling the Fees

With all of this paperwork come a number of fees, unsurprisingly. Good customs brokers will be aware of all the individual fees, together with taxes and tariffs, which will need to be paid either before or after the shipment is transported. Remember that these fees and taxes are in addition to the transaction fees charged by the brokers, and all of your costs will be itemised separately.

Transportation Advice

Customs brokers can also be advisers in helping you to choose the most appropriate transportation type for your needs. The brokers may not be responsible for actually shipping the product, but they will have crucial experience and will be able to advise you of your best course of action. In doing so they will take into account your deadlines, flexibility and budget and use their expertise to guide you.

Getting the Best Help

Ensure that you check the experience of any customs broker in your particular field, and don't be tempted to take a shortcut. Remember, a poor choice could end up costing you a lot more and result in a delay in the shipment's delivery.